Guild rules.

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Guild rules.

Post by ChriSter on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:54 pm

~ ! Guild Rules ! ~

  • Be polite and correct with other members. Our spirit is to be a team, that's why insults, racism or other discrimination are not accepted!
  • Help the guild, your fellow guild members and support them if possible, but to a limit. Treat each other nicely.
  • Be active in game and be active on the forums. Once you're in the guild, register to the forums to get aware of any possible changes and/or let the guild know if you might not be able to be active for awhile.
  • As for recruiting. We currently do not have a steady level requirement, we just ask you to be active in game and possibly log in on the forums several times a week to show activity.
  • No arena drama. If you have issues with one player/few players or a guild, that will be your thing. Do not drag the guild or your guild members in it. Private messages could be one of the solutions, especially do not use the guild chat for these issues.
  • Being a part of the guild means that you will not scam your guild mate or do something negative in that way. If so, it can result in a kick from the guild/ban from the forums.
  • Private guild information that's shared in the guild, has to stay in the guild and not be spread to others.
  • The guild will limit players to have 1 char in the guild per player. If you have another char in the guild, it has a high risk of being kicked out to make room for other players.
  • Administrators/Moderators have the powers to alter the forums in any way.
  • Do not beg for money, items, power levels from your guild members, nor demand it. We can help each other out, but it has a limit.
  • As mentioned in the first rule, be polite and don't use inappropriate language.
  • More rules can be added in the future.

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