How To Register For The Forums

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How To Register For The Forums

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:54 am

Welcome to the forums!
Please use your in game  name when signing up for the guild forums. If you do not we can not recognise you and your account will not be activated.
If you accidently signed up with the wrong name you can either ask  one of the admins(ChriSter/Translation) in game and they will activate and change your account name or you can sign up again with the right name.
If you happen to forget your password for whatever reason you can:
1) Ask an admin and we can change your password for you. (Best to mail them in game for best results)
2) Follow the steps that come with forget password.
If you have any questions, mail ChriSter or Translation in game. After it's activated feel free to post!

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